The CMMS is a small independent charity founded in 1967 by members of the Guild of Catholic Doctors. Its aims are to help relieve poverty and sickness in this country and abroad by channelling its funds directly into known areas of need as served by the Catholic Church.

It is funded entirely by the donations of CMA members.

Almost all the disbursements are now made to missions and parishes in the developing world although in the past 10 years we have supported the odd project in the developed world (Canada).

On the whole we rely on being approached by those working in areas of great need who apply to us for financial help. From time to time a CMA member makes a request on behalf of a particular mission after he or she has been out visiting or helping. We encourage medical students to let us know of any financial help for drugs or equipment that they become aware of in the course of taking their electives. Our AGM is always at the same weekend as the CMA AGM.

Over the years help has been channelled to Catholic missions and parishes in numerous African counties (Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, Kenya and Liberia) as well as Canada, Peru, India, Ecuador, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Yemen, Thailand, Bosnia Herzegovina, Sri Lanka and Iraq. The projects we have funded range from help in the aftermath of the South Asia Tsunami of December 2004 to equipping an entire medical centre for the Poor Clare Sisters in Mbarara, Western Uganda.

Contact the Secretary for further information, to donate, or to request support from the CMMS.