The CMA (UK) is affiliated with both FIAMC (The International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations) and FEAMC (The European Federation of Catholic Medical Associations).

We play a prominent role in both of these organisations. As the longest continuously running Catholic Medical Association in the world, the CMA (UK) is admired and greatly respected by both the European and International Federations.


Our involvement in International Congresses (held every four years for each Federation) and in European Board meetings (held twice each year in various European locations) is greatly appreciated. 

FIAMC has considerable influence on the international stage and is recognised by the World Medical Association as the main voice representing Catholic doctors throughout the world.


At each FEAMC board meeting, held every six months, we present a report on our latest activities to the other delegates.

Catholic Medical Association in the United States

In recent years, we have also forged exciting links with the US Catholic Medical Association and have regular contacts with some of the American CMA officers. We hope to strengthen these links in the future.

MaterCare International

The CMA (UK) has links to MaterCare International, an organisation of Catholic healthcare providers dedicated to the care of mothers and their babies. MaterCare aims to carry out the work of Evangelium Vitae by caring for mothers and children across the world in a way that upholds their dignity and worth.