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Advance Directive – A Christian Advance Declaration

Text of declaration:

I consider life in this world a gift and a blessing from God, but not the supreme and absolute value. I know that death is inevitable and that it puts an end to earthly life, but I hope and pray that it opens my way to fullness of life with God.

The following paragraphs are intended to direct those who must make decisions for me should I become unable to do so.

I wish to receive medical treatment appropriate to my condition and which offers a reasonable hope of benefit. In no circumstances would I wish basic care, including (if appropriate to my condition) the assisted administration of food and fluids, to be withdrawn with the aim of ending my life. I ask that when faced with the irreversible approach of death, I be provided with ordinary nursing and medical care, including pain relief, appropriate to my condition.

Nothing should be done which will directly and intentionally cause my death, nor should anything be omitted when such omission would directly and intentionally cause my death. I forbid euthanasia (an action or omission which of itself or by intent causes death), whether by commission or omission.

I ask that if I am in danger of death, I be told of this so that I may prepare myself for it. If I am unable to make decisions for myself, I direct that my spiritual needs be taken care of and that, in particular, the attendance of a Roman Catholic priest/minister* be immediately requested, who should be informed of the gravity of my condition.

Download this declaration together with a form for signature/witness:

Christian Advance Directive Christian Advance Directive (17 KB)