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Press Enquiries

To contact the Catholic Medical Association (UK), please ring our office at:

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference,
39 Eccleston Square,
London SW1V 1BX
Tel. +44 (0)20 7901 4895

and messages will be forwarded, including at weekends for a reply by phone.

We are aware that journalists are frequently working to short deadlines and also that members of the CMA receiving your messages are normally working in healthcare and collecting messages on a rota basis. Every effort will be made to contact members with the appropriate experience to answer specific enquiries. It would expedite your contact if you leave your name, publication or agency, traceable phone number, time and date of call, nature of enquiry and degree of urgency, including suitable time range for a response.

National and Branch Officers will vary in their degree of contact with the media according to their professional availability and access to relevant expertise on specific topics within the short timeframe usually required.