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You can contact the Catholic Medical Association (UK) at:

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference,
39 Eccleston Square,
London SW1V 1BX
Tel. +44 020 7901 4895

or email us as below 

The Registrar deals with applications for membership and with any updates to your contact details including changes of address, email or telephone contacts you wish to be notified.


The Treasurer deals with any financial transactions including subscriptions, international membership payments and any other bills to be paid by or to the CMA. The Treasurer has a statutory role in ensuring the CMA meets high standards of financial probity.


The Secretary keeps Minutes of CMA Council meetings and ensures that branch officers are updated with information needed to attend Council and matters of importance decided at meetings.


The President leads Council as well as facilitating development of the CMA according to the wishes of the membership and representing the CMA in the public arena.


The Editor of the Catholic Medical Quarterly, supported by an editorial committee, is responsible for producing the (paper) journal. At present, this is not available ‘online’ and articles and correspondence must be sent to the editor directly.

Items to be considered for inclusion for the web site ‘Articles’ section may have been published in the CMQ or in other publications with the relevant permissions obtained from the author and publishers and then can be sent to the webmaster, currently the president.

Note to Contributors: Submissions should be attached to an email, CD-Rom or memory stick. Brief typed or hand written letters will be considered. Only in exceptional circumstances will hard copy of any other kind be considered.

Editorial Email:

The Student Representative, will deal with matters relating to student events or other student enquiries


The Traineee Representative, will deal with matters relating to doctors and other healthcare personnel in training.


National and Branch Officers will vary in their degree of contact with the media according to their professional availability and access to relevant expertise on specific topics within the short timeframe usually required.