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What the Catholic Medical Association can offer you

New forms of organization are emerging to allow people to ‘do as they can and not as they can’t’. The Catholic Medical Association is the first Catholic multi-disciplinary medical organisation of its kind in the world and the changes are all to allow you to enjoy yourself as you socialise on and offline, find others to support you when you need to be ‘on the receiving end’ for once and to develop your faith and your ethical knowledge in ways which will enrich you as a person and as a healthcare professional. Although the CMA has developed from the previous ‘Guild of Catholic Doctors’, qualified members integrate fully at branch level with election to branch officer posts and to the National Council regardless of professional background.

There is no pressure to attend existing branch meetings, or to take responsibility to form new branches in your area, although in some areas this is already happening and has many ‘spinoffs’ for those who attend and meet others. There is no ‘hard-sell’ or constant appeals for your money. You can simply make use of the facilities you find on the web site or in your area as and when you wish. At different times of your professional and personal life, your needs will vary and so will your time. With time, the forthcoming events section of the site should help you to access what interests you within and outside the CMA in your region.

Do feel free to recommend the public areas of the CMA site to others and to suggest the sites of suitable organizations with which we can form ‘links’. You may be interested in attending or recommending events run by other Organizations in this section of the CMA site.

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