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Introduction to the Catholic Medical Association (UK)

How often have you wished there was a sympathetic colleague with whom you could share your uncertainties and your confusion as you try to offer a high standard of ethical healthcare to your patients? Have you ever wondered if you are the only Catholic Christian in your workplace? Are there times when you feel uneasy or even in disagreement with the ethical norms at work and wonder if you simply do not understand the underlying issues and how you can react?

Whether at the beginning of your career and worried about being labelled a ‘refusenik’, well-established with much to lose, or nearing retirement and whilst realising that "There is nothing new under the sun", and witnessing recycled, relabelled ideas, you could benefit from fresh perspectives. You do not have to work and express the positive insights of your faith in isolation.

When Catholic healthcare professionals meet by chance at religious events or witness colleagues going to communion at their children’s school Mass, they are often astonished at how many of us have decided on a career in healthcare and how many people they thought they knew quite well and yet the subject of spirituality had never come up. There is a ‘missing link’ in many of our lives. Yet, we know that we do not have the time to commit to organisations which compete for our time and money. As many of us find, living in our local community, there is a tendency to expect those in any caring profession to volunteer and give service to any group with whom we are associated. It can make us suspicious, wanting to keep a bit of balance in our lives, to do something for ourselves.

Catholic healthcare professionals have been making formal and informal links in the UK for many years and the Catholic Medical Association or CMA(UK) celebrated its Centenary year in 2011. If you would like to know more about what the CMA can offer you, the next section will give you more details.

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